A cheaper way to invest – Solar Syndicate for Solar Panels

Solar Syndicate for Solar PanelsAt Renergy Solutions we are accustomed to getting referrals and recommendations for solar panels from our customers thanks to the service and quality products that we provide. People love the fact that we are a local, family run company and that we care about our customers, staff and the environment.

Solar Syndicate for Solar Panels

From speaking to our customers we have found out that people would quite like to be rewarded for singing our praises to their friends and family; this is what led us to create the Solar Syndicate for Solar Panels.

If there is a syndicate running in your area or you wish to start one then you and everyone else involved will benefit from cheaper prices for solar power installations. This means a better return on your investment and also a quicker payback!

please call Renergy Solutions on 0800 6906993 or click here to use our contact form.If you’ve thought about having solar panels on your roof or ever wondered what ‘the Jones’s’ paid for theirs then please give us a call.  We will be happy to go through a no obligation proposal with you. If you like the sound of what we propose then we will add you to your local Solar Syndicate for Solar Panels. The more members you attract the cheaper the solar panels will be for all of you  so get recommending!

About the Solar Syndicate for Solar Panels scheme:

  • We can help you find other interested parties in your area – no need to do all the hard work yourself.
  • We will tell you if there is an existing syndicate that you can join.
  • Whilst you are on a syndicate waiting list your details will be kept anonymous and not shared with other members.
  • The prices for Syndicate solar panels are non-negotiable as they already include huge savings.  But that works both ways and we will never charge you more than the syndicate price regardless of any extra costs.

 To find out more about a ‘Solar Syndicate for Solar Panels’ call us on 0800 6906993 or use our contact form

Published Date: 2nd September 2014
Category: General, Solar PV
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