So what is a Solar PV system?

what is solar pv systemA solar PV system is a number of panels, or modules, which are normally mounted on the roof. Each panel is made up of photovoltaic cells which are made of wafer thin layers of silicon. When light hits the cells it creates an electric field, the brighter the light the more electric is produced. The electric current is bought into your home and into the inverter, This device converts the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) which is used by the electrical appliances in your home.

In order to make the most of the electricity that you generate it is best to make lifestyle changes. You have to think energy smart, by turning on appliances during the day when you are generating you will make the most of the free electricity. The system can’t store any excess energy that is produced therefore it will be exported back to the national grid.

Solar PV is a great investment for the future for  yourself and the planet. You will be helping the planet by making clean energy; you will save money on your energy bills and protect yourself from future rises in energy. All money that is claimed from the feed in tariff is a tax free income.

Installation Guide

Installing a Solar PV system is a very simple task. We will initially come out and see you to assess the property and the roof. We will then discuss the layout of the system, which roofs will be used, where inverter and wiring will be placed and where the generation meter will be.

We will then discuss an installation date that suits you, we try and accommodate as best as we can to work with you. Once this has been finalised we will get scaffolding erected so that our roofing team have a safe environment to work from. The scaffolding will be erected a day before installation and then taken down a day or two after installation.

The installation team, consisting of roofers and a fully qualified electrician, will then come along with all the equipment and fit the solar panels to the roof and wire up the inverter and generation meter. This typically only takes a day to complete. The electrician will test the system to ensure that it is fully working and once he is happy with this the system will be turned on. At this point the system will  generate energy.

Call nowThe final stage of the installation is for us to issue you with a handover pack which will contain everything needed to be able to claim the feed in tariff and as this is the most complicated part of the process for clients we will help you fill in the paperwork.