Solar Power Inverters UK

The key components needed for an effective PV system are efficient solar power inverters, unless you plan on using battery power for everything. 

The Solar Panel produces direct current (DC) electricity, but the mains electricity needs AC (alternating current or mains equivalent).

The Solar Power Inverter converts the DC electricity produced to AC so your mains circuits can use the electricity you generate.

Renergy Solutions uses the following Solar Power Inverters, click on each image to find out more about the different types we supply and fit:


Solar Power Inverters play a crucial role in any solar energy system. 

Renergy Solutions chose the inverters that we use very carefully, to ensure optimum use and a robust life-span.  

Inverters are the “gateway” between the solar panels and the energy off-taker.

When considering the installation of solar panels and the inverters, reliability is quite an important factor. 

You need to feel assured that the inverter will last for a reasonable period before needing replacement. 

However, if there is a fault then you will want the unit to be changed quickly so you do not loose too much valuable generation.

please call Renergy Solutions on 0800 6906993 or click here to use our contact form.Another important factor is the lifespan of a solar power inverter.  The lifespan is estimated to be about 10 years.

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