Solar Maintenance

Solar MaintenanceYou may have had a solar system fitted by us or another company and want to check that your solar system is functioning correctly. We can carry out a check of your system, or carry out regular maintenance for your piece of mind.

Why is routine maintenance essential?

If you want your solar system to function correctly and continue giving you a return on your investment you need to regularly inspect and maintain your system. You need regular MOT on your car and a solar system is no different. By carrying out annual checks on your system you will keep it in a safe and functional state. You will also be updated on new upgrades available for your system.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Visual inspection of the system
  • Module string tests
  • Inverter checks
  • Cable, distribution board, isolator checks
  • Generation Meter check
  • Schematic check
  • Generation production analysis
  • Replacement and/or repair of faulty items

What Kind of Maintenance do Solar Panels Require?

Generally solar panels do not require maintenance as there are no moving parts. A few times a year you should inspect them for dirt or debris that may have collected on them, and they should be cleaned with clean water in the morning or late evening. Do not clean in bright or hot conditions as cold water spraying on hot panels could crack them.

What Kind of Maintenance do Solar Inverters Require?

This is the item that does all the work and so should be checked annually. The inverter will need to be checked that it is correctly working. The inverter is converting the power efficiently. We will give the inverter a full check and make sure it is working to the parameters it should be.

For more information please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.