Your Specialist Home Charge Point Installer

Specialist Home Charge Point InstallerThere are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from.

At Renergy Solutions we work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge point for your needs – whether for you and your family or for other visitors to your home.

We will identify, supply and install the charging solution you require, providing end to end project management for your charge point.

Why install a charge point at home?

  • To recharge your vehicle at home, typically overnight.
  • An existing mains socket will only charge your vehicle at the slowest speed possible.
  • A dedicated charge point will increase the speed, safety and security of your charging facility.
  • A dedicated charge point can be installed in the most convenient location possible for your vehicle.
  • A government grant may be available for your domestic charge point. Ask your Rexel Energeasy Drive installer for details.

Installing a charge point at your home

To help you decide which type of charge point (EVCP) is best  for  your  home,  we  will  consider  the  following with you:

  • Do you have a suitable location where you can have your charging point installed?
  • Do you meet the eligibility criteria for the government grant? Both your property and vehicle must meet the criteria.
  • Most drivers will qualify for the grant, but you can check the eligibility criteria at
  • The power supply you have available and what speed of charge can therefore be installed at your home.

We work with you

At Renergy Solutions, we will work through each of these considerations with you, to ensure the EVCPs installed meet your current and future requirements.

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