Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Electric Vehicle Charge PointsRenergy Solutions are certified by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for the installation of electric vehicle charge points. Moreover, Renergy Solutions are approved to access grants to significantly reduce your costs.

Homeowners – 75% grant funding – Read More

Under the domestic charge point grant, eligible residents can receive up to 75% (capped at £1,000, inc VAT) to help towards the costs of the charge point and installation. The grant is claimed by us, the certified installer, meaning that costs to you can be as little as 25%.
A personal charge point for your home makes charging your EV safer, simpler and more convenient. No more extension leads, worrying about plug connections outside or wondering whether you are overloading your home’s electrical supply.

Renergy Solutions will advise you on the type and positioning of your charge point and install a dedicated electrical circuit. We will also take care of all paperwork associated with the grant application.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points for Businesses – Read More

With most business journeys no longer than 60 miles in a day and fuel costs as low as 2p per mile, making the move to an electric vehicle makes real commercial sense. Businesses may also be eligible for a grant of up to £8,000 towards the purchase price.

How we can help

please call Renergy Solutions on 0800 6906993 or click here to use our contact form.Renergy Solutions can install a range of charge points offering both rapid and standard charge for domestic and commercial use. We can also supply solar carports to allow you to fill your vehicle with on-site generated, green electricity, and eliminate fuel costs altogether.

To find out more about the grants available, electric charge points or to arrange a site survey please contact us for an initial discussion or call 0800 6906993 now.