Benefits of Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation can save money

Voltage Optimisation can save money

Companies have been seeing the benefits of voltage optimisation for many years, and the technology is a mature and trusted method of reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Voltage optimisation systems utilise this technology, commonly used on large-scale industrial sites and adapt it for use in small business and residential properties with a typical annual electricity consumption of up to 300,000kWh per year.

Benefits of voltage optimisation

The logic behind voltage optimisation is simple. There is a discrepancy between the voltage that is supplied to a building – on average 242V – and the optimum voltage required by electrical equipment which is standard throughout Europe – only 220V. An oversupply of voltage is not only wasteful and expensive but also causes damage to equipment by increasing the heat generation in motors.

Voltage Optimisation is simple to install, usually taking less than an hour and requires no rewiring of the premises and there is no need to change electricity provider. Voltage optimisation systems optimise the whole premises, providing immediate savings without requiring any change in lifestyle.

Benefits of the VO4 Voltage Optimisation systems that we use include:

  • Reduces electricity bills by an average of 12%
  • Guaranteed 10% saving on all single phase systems
  • Operates on all circuits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maximise savings
  • Extends lifespan of electrical equipment
  • Simple installation – no changes needed to the meter
  • Works with, and improves the efficiency of, heat pumps and PV systems
  • No need to by-pass the system at any time (due to high efficiency of the unit)
  • Available in a variety of specifications
  • Manufactured to the highest British manufacturing standards and efficiency
  • 5 year warranty
  • No maintenance required
  • Typical payback periods within 5 years
  • Both the single phase and three phase systems comply with current electrical wiring regulations.

A voltage optimisation system is a reliable energy saving investment that will provide a permanent solution for premises, saving on annual electricity bills, with a typical payback of under 5 years.

The NICEIC, commented on voltage optimisation;

NICEIC“Voltage Optimisation is one of the key business opportunities for electrical contractors. The range, types and size of buildings that can benefit from the savings voltage optimisation deliver, makes it a great opportunity for our members.”