Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

commercial solar energy solutionsCommercial Solar Energy Solutions will allow your business to create its own energy, lowering the costs of energy whilst helping the environment.

With electricity costs constantly on the rise many businesses are turning to solar technology as a way of reducing their energy bills and earning an extra income. This can be achieved just by making the most of your roof space or land space. No matter what business you run, benefiting from solar is easy, Renergy Solutions has completed a large number of installations nationwide at the best possible price.

As a Commercial Solar Energy Solutions specialist Renergy Solutions excels at delivering installs on-time, on budget and to the highest standards using the best technology available.

How will commercial solar benefit your business?

Commercial solar will cut your electricity bills and put a stop to rising energy prices
Installing solar will cut your carbon emissions, which will in turn demonstrate your green credentials and lower green taxes.

Your business can:

  • Sell excess power back to the grid to earn an added income.
  • Use your system will provide a return on investment with the Feed in Tariff Scheme (FIT) which is set at the same rate, index linked & currently guaranteed for 20 years.

When installing commercial Solar PV don’t worry if you don’t have enough roof space. Renergy Solutions can design a system which can be built just about any way possible and systems can be designed to utilise open spaces as well. Solar PV doesn’t have to be installed on a roof there are many options such as an A-Frame system or even a pagoda. Whether you have a flat roof, pitched roof, farm building roof (such as horse stables or barns) or even industrial units, office blocks or just ground space, in every case Renergy Solutions can design a system both suitable and practical to meet your needs and budget.

Call nowsIndustrial Solar PV

The majority of industrial buildings are distinguished by vast roof spaces they have, which provides a perfect setting for commercial Solar PV installations. The potential for a large installation on an industrial roof can provide significant energy savings, which is a wise business decision for anyone. Solar panel systems for commercial buildings are now more affordable and a great way to produce an extra source of income.

Agricultural Solar PV

With guaranteed income available from the feed-in-tariff and the benefit of multiple roofs and space, a solar PV system represents a significant opportunity for landowners and farmers, with an array on sun exposed land, Solar PV is a great opportunity for renewable energy investment.

Community & Commercial buildings

As owners and operators of a large number of buildings such as schools, colleges, housing developments, council housing and other community building such businesses have the opportunity to use the roofs of these buildings for financial benefit and also lead the way in creating sustainability for their areas.

  • Set an excellent example for the community
  • Create educational benefits

Renergy Solutions have expertise to help your business:

  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Install
  • Manage any type of project.

Retail Commercial Buildings

One of the most fundamental solar energy factors is that the larger the roof space the more panels, the more panels the more energy saved and the bigger the return on investment, which is why retail roofs are ideal for solar investment.

Large installations can become integral streams of income for the business owner and provide a great opportunity for renewable energy investment. Solar panels on your business can provide excellent levels of efficiency as well as showcasing your environmental commitment to shareholders, employees and customers.

Solar panels for office space

If you are looking for a sound investment for your business then a commercial solar energy solution is a great option as many buildings have unused roof space. Roofs of office buildings can produce significant savings on energy bills when used for solar installations, which is welcomed by any business. Aside from the savings, businesses can also enjoy the added benefit of a solar energy return on investment.

Solar energy on small office spaces is easy to achieve as Renergy Solutions can provide you with a competitive price making solar affordable no matter what your business size.

Solar farm / Solar park

Commercial Solar Energy SolutionsThere are now many people and funds looking to install large scale solar projects such as solar farms and solar parks. Large-scale solar productions provide both a great return on investment and a safe investment, where land owners utilize their land to produce renewable energy and access to a solar management team installing a solar farm could be easier than you think.

With a moderately sized plot of land, landowners can reap the benefits of having an economic investment. Like all solar systems, the return on investment depends on the size and space available.

Solar farms are large-scale Solar PV installations which are usually ground mounted in fields or open spaces. They are highly rewarding opportunities due to Government incentives, such farms also play a large role in helping to meet the national target for 2020 of generating 20% of the UK’s energy through renewable technologies.

When you are provided with your FREE no obligation survey you are also provided with information on how solar can reduce your business overheads and you are provided with individual business advice on how solar energy can benefit your business.

Your business will be closely analysed to ensure the solar system fitted benefits from the maximum return possible. Whatever your financial situation or your area, take advantage of the space you own and use it to generate an income. Renergy Solutions would liaise with organisations on your behalf making the process simple and hassle-free.

  • For smaller businesses we can arrange a FREE quote over the phone and you are then provided with a written quotation, which in 95% of cases is emailed out to you on the very same day.
  • Larger Solar installations will in most cases require a property visit to ensure you are receiving the best possible and correct advice.